Who We Are

Piton Noire is a writers’ group that aims to nurture and encourage writers interested in Dominica and the Caribbean to produce science fiction and fantasy literature. Our mission is to create a unique body of work that speaks to Caribbean futurism. While simultaneously preserving and building on the islands’ mythologies and folklore.

Publishing our second book, The Flying Crapaud: From Folklore to the Future, has been a worthwhile journey. We appreciate our writers’ hard work and take pride in ensuring that we produce great work.

We especially want to thank Kristopher Noesworthy, who not only lent his writing skills to The Flying Crapaud but also serves as our editor.

The volume of the anthology is a fun read with interesting stories we cannot wait for readers to enjoy.

We are a cross-section of writers of all ages and skill levels. Nevertheless, we’re bound by our connection to Dominica: the beautiful verdant Nature Isle of the Caribbean and inspired by our island home to explore genres informed by culture and heritage, particularly fantasy and folklore. 


Our mission is to preserve our traditional oral storytelling in written form while introducing new story ideas and situations and building new worlds.