Kristopher Noseworthy

Kristopher Noseworthy is a husband and father whose day job revolves around people learning French. He has a masters in education focusing on the intersectional disadvantages of immigrant communities.

Most of his professional career has involved either teaching people how to write or writing himself. One of his best friends is from the Nature Island (Commonwealth of Dominica), and he wishes he could have spent more time there on his last visit.

Alicia LeBruin

Alicia hails from the beautiful Village of Calibishie. She is a 25-year-old. mother of two and an aspiring author. Writing has always been her passion and ignites the spark within her. Alicia has been writing ever since she could hold a pen, but only recently begun publicly sharing her work. Her dream is to publish her work.

In 2016 she started a Facebook page showcasing her work which are mainly poems highlighting Dominican lifestyle, culture, and situations. Her latest project is a short novel based in her village which she hopes to complete and release in 2020.

Hezron Dorival

Hezron is a middle school student who enjoys writing and entering writing contests via Freedom with Writing. Although I haven’t won any of contests yet my zeal for writing has not died, but rather it has been enhanced. I have learned so much by taking part in these writing contests.

Tyler George

Tyler is an eighth-grader. He is of Dominican parentage and lives in Texas. Tyler loves to read and likes to write short stories. He particularly loves cars and hopes to be a NASCAR driver someday. He has incorporated this passion into his entry, “Midnight Run.”

Jade Lindsay

Jade is an Antiguan – Dominican student born in 2002. During Miss. Lindsay’s high school career, she developed an appreciation for English which in turn developed an interest in short story writing.

Her interest rapidly bloomed into a casual hobby, where she explores short stories inspired by themes dealing with mental illnesses or horror. She aspires to be an English as a second language teacher.

Ronald Deschamps

Ron has been part of the Dominica Arts and Cultural Movement from the early days of the People’s Action Theatre. Ron participated in stage plays, dance interpretations, and radio drama. As an artist and illustrator, he has collaborated with a number of well-known writers on various books.

Notably Giftus John and Ras Mo Moses. A writer and poet, Ron has developed the largest gathering of Dominican Poets worldwide on the Facebook platform, Domnichen Poetic Circle. Professionally, Ron continues to work as an architect/designer in NYC.

Nicole Georges-Bennett

Nicole is a freelance journalist and radio personality. She is interested in the sci-fi/fantasy genre and self-published a collection of fantasy stories titled, Tales of St.Marts.

Lionel Levy

Lionel currently resides in the South Florida area.  Writing has always been his main outlet for stress relief.  Apart from writing, his hobbies include computer programming and attending his son’s football games.

Catherine Dorsette

Catherine is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is the author of 12 published books and currently resides on Montserrat, where she works with the Government of Montserrat.

Sharon Dorival

Sharon writes stories about her life, friends, and her travels around the world. She writes stories to warm the heart, enlighten and arouse the senses and emotions, teach and awaken sensory delights.